Technical Blog

As the original author of the BPEC Ventilation course, Jon is well respected within our sector and offers knowledge and training from over 25 years experience in the ventilation industry. Working closely with Ventilation Specialists, in addition to contractors and consultants alike, Jon would like to share his knowledge whilst also answering any technical or project queries you may have.

Getting Hot Under the Collar

Overheating in domestic properties is becoming a serious – and largely unexpected – issue. Whole house mechanical ventilation systems provide one means of addressing this, but only if the resident is on side. If you are in anyway involved in the domestic ventilation market, you’ve probably noticed a spate of national news stories addressing the issue of overheating in new builds. Read more

Condensation Part 2: Prevention is better than cure

New build properties - especially those in the social housing sector - are built to stringent environmental guides such as the Code for Sustainable Homes and of course, 2010 Building Regulations. This has inevitably led to ‘sealing’ the building to prevent heat loss, which in turn results in dramatically reduced ventilation opportunities. Read more

Condensation Part 1: What is condensation?

Picture if you will, an ice cold drink on a hot summers day. The glass is beaded in droplets of water, just waiting for you to pick it up and quench your thirst. Lovely isn’t it? Not so lovely when the same process - condensation - forms in your home. Read more