Product details


HRX-aQ 200mm deep, with Total Heat Recovery Exchanger

Whilst the HRX-aQ performance is the most compact MVHR ceiling unit, its energy efficient performance has not been compromised.

Providing Specific Fan Powers as low as 0.66 W/(l/s) and a heat exchange efficiency up to 88%, the unit will efficiently lower Dwelling Emission Rates for a higher SAP rating.

Product code AQH200E-B


General features
  • 'Total Heat' recovery exchanger
  • Low power consumption
  • Quick installation
  • Easy access filters
  • Lightweight
  • Horizontal slab installation
  • Sound absorbing/thermally insulated EPP moulded body
  • G3 filters
  • Rectangular 204 x 60 duct connections
  • Backward curved EC fans
  • Integrated control electronics
  • 2 years warranty
  • Optional re-usable filter frames
Control Features
  • Includes AMIE technology
  • Power indicator
  • Status indicator (frost protection, summer bypass etc.)
  • Fault indicator
  • Independent fan speed control
  • Switched live inputs
    • - Mains level x 2
    • - Volt free to boost x 2
    • - Volt free to max x 1
  • 3 variable speeds
  • Clean filter indicator (time)
  • Frost protection
  • Built in humidistat
  • Run on boost timer
  • Delay ‘on’ boost
  • Pre commissioning filter protection
  • Discreet run monitor
  • PIN lock commissioning mode
  • BMS features
    • - Pre heater activation
    • - Remote shutdown
    • - System healthy monitor
  • Time and Date display
  • Real time air temperature display
  • Real time extract air humidity level display
  • Easy to read, contemporary digital display

Technical Specification





Sound Performance
Code Speed Control Setting Flow Rate (l/s) Pressure (Pa) Power (W) Position

Sound Power Levels

dB re 1pW

Sound Pressure (db(A) @3m)
    Test- Duty Points   63 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K 25
AQH200E-B 99% 37 83 52 Breakout 49 57 55 59 51 44 42 33 41
70% 27 40 20 Breakout 43 49 55 53 41 36 32 21


50% 21 23 15 Breakout 48 44 53 46 36 30 24 11 30
33% 15 13 10 Breakout 46 40 47 40 32 27 17 3 24





Consultants Specification

The unit shall be the Silavent HRX-aQ as manufactured by Polypipe Ventilation and shall be listed on the Product Characteristics Database (SAP Appendix Q).

The HRX-aQ unit shall be manufactured from sound absorbing Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), therefore providing thermal and acoustic characteristics. It shall include a counter flow heat exchanger for a heat exchange efficiency, at typical installation, of up to 88%.

For Energy Recovery Ventilation, the unit shall include a ‘Total Heat’ recovery exchanger, recovering both sensible and latent heat, thereby helping to provide all-year-round ambient indoor air temperatures.

To avoid ceiling void restrictions, the unit shall be from 199mm deep, (520mm high and 819mm wide excluding connections) and up to a maximum of 239mm in depth. It shall weigh from between 7.9kg, up to and 8.4kg to enable easy installation.

The unit shall have a high efficiency, backward curved EC fans for low energy consumption and provide a Specific Fan Power of down to 0.66W(l/s), at typical installation.

The heat exchanger shall be protected by G3 grade filters on the fresh air inlet intake and system extract. The heat exchanger and filters shall be accessible via the underside of the unit, enabling quick and easy maintenance. To avoid on-site damage, the filters shall be supplied in protection bags.

The unit shall connect directly to Polypipe’s Domus 204x60mm rectangular ducting and include offset 204x60mm duct connections, to allow ducts to easily cross over in tight spaces, whilst also enabling simple to design, in-and-out duct runs.

Background ventilation noise shall be minimised down to 24dB(A). The unit’s fans should be quiet enough so as not to discourage occupant use, with very low breakout, open inlet and open outlet sound levels as detailed by Polypipe Ventilation and in accordance with Building Regulations.

The unit can be fitted with a 100% automatic summer bypass. Outside air supplied through the bypass shall be filtered, so the air quality is maintained. The bypass shall open automatically when either the indoor air reaches a pre-set temperature of between +15°C and 25°C or through time clock control which is pre-set using the Bluebrain control. A manual override option is also available.

The MVHR or ERV system shall be safeguarded against damage from very cold weather through an optional frost protection function that is controlled via the Bluebrain control. The frost protection shall automatically trigger when a pre-set level is reached. This can be between -15°C and +5°C.

The unit shall be supplied with a connection to a Domus 297 condensate drain. A condensate drain for ERV units however, will not be required.

Specification of control
(user interface)

The unit shall include an HRX-aQ Bluebrain control as its user interface, which if supplied with an ERV model, may also be wireless for flexible mounting. For ease of use, the control shall include an LCD display and have the following functions:

  • Independent control of low (background), boost and maximum supply and extract flow rates
  • Independent control of fan speed for accurate and straightforward commissioning
  • Lockable commissioning mode
  • Power-on, fault and status indicators
  • Volt free BMS functionality
  • Programmable time and date functions
  • Programmable filter check
  • Programmable 100% summer bypass
  • Optional frost protection at pre-set levels
  • Programmable humidity level boost switching
  • Optional 3-minute delay on boost switching
  • Optional 5 to 30-minute delay off boost switching
  • Run-time monitor
  • Temperature controlled switching for optional duct heater¥


*MVHR - Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. ERV – Energy Recovery Ventilation.

¥ Not supplied by Polypipe.


The HRX-aQ ticks all the boxes

  • Homes
  • Apartments/Flats
  • Care Homes
  • Student Accommodation
  • Hotels